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Indispensable safety equipment for working with wood

Carpentry is a very dangerous job and needs meticulousness. To create a good and quality product, the carpenters had to spend a lot of effort and time. Besides, they have to use a lot of tools like sawing, drilling, grinding, … which are extremely difficult to use and dangerous. If the carpenters are not careful, these devices will easily injure their bodies immediately.

Understanding that terrible threat, manufacturers have constantly invented much equipment to protect the human body when working with wood that minimizes the potential risk. Are you curious about what these items are? I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s get started.

Protective glasses

Glass is a very familiar device for everyone. It has a function that helps protect your eyes when you are on the road to avoid excessive dust or light. Today, glass is not only used in everyday life, but it is also upgraded by manufacturers and becomes one of the indispensable protection tools in the work of wood.

This type of glass is different from normal glass in that it is made of a hard material that can resist any external factors affecting the eyes of the user. Specifically, in the process of making a wood, wood chips or pieces can accidentally fly into your eyes extremely dangerous. With the use of protective glasses, you do not have to worry about this problem anymore.

Hearing protection

Several devices work with wood, such as planers, routers, etc., that have a lot of noise when operating and using them. If you use them for a long time without wearing protective clothing, your ears will become deaf quickly. Therefore, equipping with ear protection is essential for every carpenter. On the market today, there are two common types of ear protectors: expandable earplugs and earmuffs.

In particular, Ear Muffs have many features that help to better protect the ear. But they are quite large and can make your ears uncomfortable if used for a long time. You can review and choose the type of ear protection that best suits you.

Woodworking Aprons

The next item I would like to introduce to you is the apron that is used for wood-related jobs. Normally, when it comes to the apron, people only know it is often used in the kitchen to help avoid grease or food flying into people when preparing food.

In woodworking, this apron has the same effect. For example, during shaving or cutting wood, there are lots of wood chips that can shoot at you, so aprons are used to help avoid the dangers that come to your body. Besides, you can be assured of the quality of this apron because it is made of high-quality material without mold or tear. You can use for a long time. In particular, the best woodworking apron is also designed with many bags that can help you store many of the commonly used items in it.

Respirators and Face Masks

In addition to protecting the eyes, ears, and body, the next item that I see you need to equip is a face mask. Specifically, when you use a planer, router, or drill, etc. the dust from the wood chips not only gets into your eyes or body, it can also get into your mouth. Therefore, if you do not equip a piece of equipment to cover the mouth, it will be extremely dangerous for your lungs.

Therefore, equipping an extremely necessary mask. Moreover, you may not need to buy glasses anymore because this mask includes protection for your eyes.


The next tool I want to talk about is gloves. In the process of cutting or planing wood, the board is not smooth or flat. There are lots of small pieces of wood sticking up that could stab your hand and injure you. Therefore, equipping a glove is also extremely necessary for every carpenter to protect their hands.

However, you only need to use the gloves for the above tasks, other stages such as grinding or manufacturing, experts recommend that you should not use gloves. Because It can cause difficulties in your work.

Face shield

Similar to face masks, Face Shield helps prevent wood chips from flying into your face during work. Its outstanding feature is that you can remove or attach it easily and comfortably if you want during use.

In conclusion

I have introduced to you some indispensable equipment of almost every carpenter in the process of working with wood. Besides, in the process of making a wood, you should not wear clothes too wide and complicated. Because it will make your work difficult. And your clothes can get caught in some device that is extremely dangerous.

Hopefully, the information I have given above is useful and necessary for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day!