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Why should you decorate floating shelves for your home?

Do you know the floating shelves? Since launching in the market, floating shelves with a modern trend have been preferred by most customers. It is not only considered as an interior decoration but also an item of furniture that helps you store things to make your home space more spacious and tidy.

It is pretty awesome, right? I know you still think that a lot of other furniture also functions as this floating shelf. But you might think that it must have something outstanding to be trusted and used by many people. So what are the outstanding advantages of floating shelves compared to other types of shelves? I won’t make you wait any longer. Here are four reasons why you need to purchase a floating shelf for your home. Let’s start to find out now.

Diverse in shape

One of the first outstanding features that I like about floating shelves is the variety of designs. Unlike other shelves and cabinets that only have a straight and rigid shape, the best floating shelves are full of shapes for you to choose from square, round, straight, curved to the “strange” shelves with pictures of people, trees, leaves….suitable for you to store full of items from your photo frame, plants, flowers to whole shoe collection. Especially, It makes the interior space more impressive and supports you unleash creativity and arrange objects in your space in an unlimited way.

However, to be more beautiful and attractive, you also need to calculate the ratio, size, color of floating shelves harmoniously and in balance with other furniture in the house.

No fussy about space

If you want to arrange or decorate any item in your home, you have to pay attention to whether or not the item is suitable for space. With floating shelves, you don’t have to worry about that problem. You can set or arrange floating shelves at any position in your house from the lobby, living room, kitchen to bedroom and bathroom.

How to arrange floating shelves by space

 Living room: For the living room, floating shelves are usually arranged in the opposite wall of the sofa combined with TV shelves with drawers and bookshelves to create a style that has been chosen by homeowners instead of cabinets as before. Besides, floating shelves are also located in the back of the sofa instead of hanging pictures in the house today.

This arrangement not only makes the family living room more airy, more modern but also somewhat clarifies the interests and personality of the owner in the interior decoration of the home. Colors and materials of the shelves are also the homeowner’s attention. In particular, wood and glass are still the two options that are most trusted by consumers because of the durability and variety of color combinations of these two materials.

Kitchen: A beautiful and fancy kitchen shelf will naturally contribute to inspiring housewives and make the kitchen more eye-catching and more artistic. The main role of shelves in the kitchen is usually to store things like seasoning boxes, bottles, jars rather than decorative functions. But to increase the lovely feature for this space, the owner can also design a little more “sparkling” floating shelf as a highlight for the shelf of favorite colors. By creating an herb garden with a few small pots to mingle with nature or family photos to remind the affection and love among the members.

Depending on your preference, the kitchen shelf can be big or small. One is to extend the entire wall for a large kitchen, and the other is to use the maximum space if the kitchen is narrow.

Bathroom: Bathroom shelves are similar to kitchens, which also has the function of keeping items so neat and convenient. In the past, I spent a lot of time and effort finding cosmetics and towels in the square cupboards in the bathroom, But now, When using floating shelves. it both helps me save space and make the bathroom decoration more beautiful and stylish.

Usually, bathroom shelves will go with the material or color of the bathroom wall. No need to be too picky, you can use floating shelves made of small wooden panels in the bathroom. Although they are not too stylistic but still exude the natural beauty, unique and show the aesthetics of the host.

Bedroom: The bedroom is the private space of each family member. So everyone wants to decorate the room in their way. Of course, to show your personality, there is no shortage of unique floating shelves.

However, when organizing shelves in the bedroom, homeowners must also pay attention to two issues: the first is to remain true quiet function, comfortable resting of this space. That means you should not design shelves too long, too large, containing many unnecessary objects. You need to create a spacious and airy space. Second, the feng shui of the bedroom is always taboo for sharp and reflective furniture. Therefore, wall shelves must also have a soft, flexible shape and should be used with wood materials to create a cozy feeling.

The material of floating shelves is abundant

Usually, floating shelves are designed with wood then only painted to make it more eye-catching. Many modern homeowners do not like using this wooden material, which is so familiar to almost every home. They want to find a different new and more unique material. Understanding that, manufacturers of floating shelves have quickly produced many types of shelves with many other materials such as aluminum, steel and especially glass to satisfy the needs of customers.

Impressive and “hard” outdated

When using wall mounted shelves, you can be assured that they will be very difficult to be outdated because it is suitable for modern design style, “captures” young homeowners who love the personality, simplicity, and clarity.

In conclusion

I have presented some reasons why you need to buy a floating shelf for your family. Do you find the information above useful and necessary for you? If yes, consider and immediately equip your family with a floating shelf to both save space and show your style. I am sure that you do not regret buying it. And finally, thank you for reading this article.

Different types of wood cutting of portable table saws

Currently, the table saw has become the most common tool used in carpentry workshops. Because of outstanding features such as easy cutting wood, no effort, and manpower. And it has increasingly replaced for manual saws like hand saws, circular saws, …

However, it has been observed that many people when buying saws do not know all about its superior mechanism or technique such as being able to cut multiple corners as required, desired by users. Therefore, in this article, I will give some typical technical tips about professional wood cutting types to support you to learn and gain more benefits in the use of the best portable table saw

  • Typical cutting styles

Currently, there are various types of cutting such as dado cuts, bevel cuts, rips cuts, miter cuts, … All of them make the worker’s work easier and faster. Let’s start to understand what types of ideas are.

Rip cuts

A rip cut is the simplest and most common type of table saw. Users formed in parallel with the grain and can divide the log in a straight line. If you are a beginner in learning how to use a table saw, I think you should practice using portable saws like a circular saw. Practice how to cut straight logs. Because when you get used to the pressure of hand-sawing, you’ll use table saws more easily.

To cut a log straight by a portable table saw, adjust the blade carefully on the surface of the wood to be cut. Be sure to use it correctly so that there is no problem of kicking back when operating. Next, you need to adjust the width of the fence and loosen or tighten the rail so you can move the log to the right to left to adjust the accuracy of the cutting position when sawing.

During the cutting process, you have to hold the wood tightly and use the stick to push the wood to protect your hand and possibly more precisely.

Beveled cut

Before you create a bevel, Find out about the system on the saw table. Some machines are tilting to the right, the others tilt to the left. Therefore, when making you must pay attention to the tilt of the saw to manipulate the most accurately. For example, the table is tilted to the left 40 degrees, you should place the saw on the right-hand side to cut the oblique angle most excellently. Just like the straight cut, you need to keep and place the saw according to your angle so you can cut the most perfect log. This type of cutting you need to be patient to create the desired bevels.


The cross-cut is a combination of straight cutting and horizontal cutting. Straight-cut work is extremely simple for most people, but with cross-cutting, not everyone can do. 

 You initial reach the saw a little distance from the wooden board. Then use a ruler to mark the horizontal line on the wooden board (use a 90-degree protractor to get the best cut). After that, you have to make sure your hand has enough strength to keep the fence cut to have the perfect cut.

Dado cuts

Dado cut is a type of specialized cutting for furniture manufacture that allows workers to create a joint to connect two or more pieces of wood. You need to use a dedicated blade. Therefore, it is wise to choose a table saw with a saw blade to cut this type.

Miter cuts

The last type of cut I want to show you is the miter cut. You can cut multiple materials with different angles from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, … to create a joint that is mounted at a 90-degree angle. For example, you cut two logs with 45 degrees. Then you link, join the two logs together to create a 90-degree angle. You can see this cut on the edges of the door or furniture. Miter cuts are also used to create boxes, creating frame structures. You also need to add tools to measure the angle to achieve the most accurate cut

In conclusion

I have introduced some of the most popular cutting styles available today. Therefore, depending on the workmanship or the stage you have to perform, Let’s study and learn the above cut styles to improve your cutting skills right away.