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Common problems when using a soil moisture meter

A soil moisture meter is one of the best moisture meters. It becomes an indispensable tool for growing crops to help determine soil moisture, pH, alum… to take better measures to improve and restore the soil, to help the plant grow best.

However, in the process of using a soil moisture meter. You may encounter some errors that you don’t know how to solve. Understand that, In this article, I will show some common problems when using this type of meter and how to solve it for you. Let’s explore.

Some common problems with soil moisture meters

You may encounter problems during the use of meters as unavoidable, people should not be too worried if unfortunately encountered. Please apply appropriate measures immediately so that the device is not broken and can be used normally for the next time.

Case 1: The metal ring on the locomotive is loose or peeled off

Cause: During using. Some customers encounter a metal ring problem (the one that plugs into the ground) is loose and flaky. The main reason leading to this problem is mostly due to improper use when you plug the device to the ground you turn it counterclockwise.

Treatment: To solve this problem, make sure to tighten the upper body and rotate each metal ring. Proceed in the order from the largest round to the next round and the pointed end clockwise and finally swirled it tightly.

Case 2: Button to measure the moisture of the machine stuck with soil and sand

Cause: Because after using, you forget to clean the machine so the soil or sand was sticky in the machine This causes the button to measure the moisture stuck

Treatment: How to solve this problem is very simple, you just need to use the brush and cleaning around the measuring button and press the button several times until the dust is out.

Case 3: Button to measure does not work

How to handle: use RP7 spray on the inside of the button, press several times and let in about 10 to 12 hours will overcome.

Case 4: The clock does not spin or rotate continuously and not stop

How to handle: There are many people when using a soil moisture meter that meets the clock spinning continuously not stop or the clock does not turn, Please overcome by :

Remove the 3 metal rings and proceed to clean, if you see the moisture meter is oxidized, use sandpaper to scrub until the oxidation disappears. For the case that the clock does not rotate due to a strong impact (falling) or other reasons, check the inner wire immediately because it may be loose. You can fix it yourself or bring it to where you bought it for warranty and repair.

Case 5: The clock of the machine measures below 3

How to handle: If the clock measured humidity below 3 after plugging the device into the ground, the farmer pulls out and tries to measure it at different points. If you see the clock of the pH return to the normal index. Prove that where everyone plugs into the ground has an index smaller than 3. The soil is too acidic. Need to overcome and improve immediately.

Besides, if when you press the white button to measure the moisture, the clock runs towards the left, index below 3. The cause of this situation may be due to the soil being too moist or high humidity> 80%. People can carry out cross-checking by using meters in other areas with drier soil. If observed and found that the moisture is only 4-5 or 6, it means that the moisture value is between 40-50 and 60%, the machine is working normally. On the other hand, if it stays below 3, it means that the device has been damaged.

Case 6: Forget the device in the garden or leave the device in the rain:

 If you accidentally forget your device in the garden, causing the machine to get wet due to rain, quickly bring it into the house, clean, check whether the water is inside the watch face for timely cleaning.

In conclusion

I have presented some common problems when using a soil moisture meter today. If you encounter one of the above situations, try to deal with the problem with the measures I showed above.