Diy Sunburst Backdrop

My good, good friend is having her baby any day now.  We’re all so excited and can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl!  And while she’s on my mind, I decided what better time, than now, to share her baby shower with you?!  I had so much fun decorating for a gender-neutral shower.  Here’s a look at the sunburst table backdrop I made.

What you’ll need:

  • Tissue paper (multiple colors for dimension)
  • Clear Tape
  • Sewing needle
  • String
  • A good show to watch while you fold (like, catching up on last season of Parenthood!)


1. Fold tissue paper, back and forth, fan-style.

2. With the accordion folds pressed together, fold the tissue paper in half.

3. Open the fold and fan out one side of the sunburst.  Connect the meeting ends with tape.

Psst… You can cut the accordion into smaller pieces (between steps 1 & 2) before fanning.  This gives you different size sunbursts!

4. Connect the opposite ends to create a circle.

5. Thread the needle with string and poke a hole through the center fold of the sunburst, knotting the end so it stays in place.

Starburst = complete!

Now for the decorative backdrop:

I tried a few different methods before finding one that worked.  I couldn’t seem to keep the tissue paper stuck to the wall at first.  Painters tape wasn’t strong enough, which is what I initially used.  Then, I thought I could staple them to a big piece of craft paper.  But I couldn’t figure out how to attach the paper to the wall.  So, I decided to hang them from a wooden dowel.

1. I screwed in two hooks into the ceiling (spaced about 3 feet apart).

2. Tied some twine around both ends of the dowel, and hung them from the hooks.

3. Then, I started with the larger sunbursts and hung them at different lengths.

4. I kept adding and layering with different sizes and colors

I had to adjust some pieces, which turned out to be very easy: just untie the string and move them around! It’s really very simple, but such an eye-catching, artistic piece!

I kept this display up for a goooood while after the shower…  Couldn’t help it– it’s such a pretty (and happy!) wall and it made me smile every time I walked into the kitchen and saw it peeking through the doorway!

Also, I’m really glad the painters tape option didn’t work.  I was able to take them down, without having to rip off any tape, and save for another time!

Come back tomorrow, I’ll be revealing the rest of the shower details!

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