This & That & The Front Room

My parents arrived (from Florida) last night and we’ve had a fun day enjoying each other.  The baby entertained us this morning; playing with cars, scarfing down my donut, and running around babbling. Telling Grandma & Gramps everything he could think of, I’m sure.  I guess he’s not so much a baby anymore.

Later, I convinced everyone in joining my adventure to Lowes, stocking up on crafts and project goodies. There’s always a project going on when my parent’s are here.  So thankful for their willingness to help!

We got:

  • 2 lamp kits to rewire these second hand lamps
  • 5 wooden dowels for a special project for the front room (stay tuned!)
  • a coffee maker (because we’ve never owned one and our guests will be much happier now that we do)

We picked up some other little odds and ends, and still need to make a special trip to the fabric store.  I can’t wait to show you the finished projects!

Speaking of the front room, it’s slowly filling up and no longer completely empty (like it has been for almost 2 years!).

(Is it considered photo-bombing if the sweet thang is napping and I didn’t want to wake him?)

There’s not much cohesiveness as of yet.  I just threw some of our colorful pillows on the couch for now until I decide on a more permanent color scheme.  The walls are still bare.  I’m thinking of painting a super large watercolor for above the couch, something abstract or geometric.

But, even still, I’m loving the pieces (and the fact that the room is a functional space now).

The jute rug is Ikea and this mid-century coffee table was a thrift store find!

I’m also working on a craft corner/ work space on the other side of the room.  I bought this desk from Ikea and I love the drafting board look.  Once I can talk my husband into it, we’ll put up some shelving.  It’s going to be an inspiring space!  More on all that later.  For now, back to the parent-helping projects while baby sleeps.

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